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We are the foremost experts on the LSAT.

We dare you to find an LSAT instructor who rivals our knowledge.

Randall Hansen

LSAT Instructor since 1997
Founded Test Prep Guy in 2002

About Me

I started TestPrepGuy in 2003 and quit my day job with the Texas Judicial Council in 2005 to build the most badass LSAT preparation program on the planet. Since that time, I have coached thousands of other dreamers to achieve their most important goals.

While not obsessing about the LSAT and law school admissions, I exercise daily, sometimes contemplate why I even own a couch, and explore absurdly varied music genres, as evidenced by my recent fascinations with Pandora’s Pink Martini Radio and with Timmy Trumpet. 

Amanda Ross

LSAT Instructor since 2005

About Me

I began LSAT study in 2005 and quickly fell in love with tutoring others. Soon after, I joined forces with Randall, quit my day job, and went pro at the LSAT. Since that time, I have enjoyed inspiring thousands of others to become better learners, better teammates to their comrades, and ultimately better versions of themselves.

In my spare time, I enjoy weightlifting, cooking, going to the beach, gardening, and hanging with my dog, Sherlock.

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who we are

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TPG is a community of LSAT instructors and students who aspire to become the best versions of ourselves.

We bring respect, support, and high expectations to ourselves and to each other.

We complete every day not against each other, but against our own previous best.



What we do

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We train our students to maximize their potential on the LSAT through hard work, mental toughness, and commitment to their goals.

We develop mental tenacity, grit, and accountability for one’s own success and failure.

We develop the character traits of integrity, humility, and mutual respect.

We develop the professional skills of accountability, time management, and attention to detail.



our motto

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Beat Yesterday

We believe that our easiest days are behind us. We do not know our upper limits, but today we will prove that we are capable of more than we accomplished yesterday. Beating yesterday does and should become more difficult over time as we push ourselves to new heights and discover what we are truly made of.


We are truly inspired by our friends at Compete Every Day (CED). We often cite CED wisdom to inspire our students. We often sport CED gear to inspire our students and ourselves.

* We are not sponsored by CED. We just love the inspo.