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Marshall Branch
Great people, great program  

Great people, great program. Time and time again take people who wouldn't even be attending law school and turn them into students attending top tier law schools across the country. 10/10

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Mohamed Ahmed
Score increased by 15 points  

Score increased by 15 points. Worth every penny and gallon of gas.

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Henali Patel
This is by far the BEST prep course offered  

This is by far the BEST prep course offered to any future law student. The first time I walked into their office I did not know what the LSAT consisted of, how long it was, or even how the scoring worked. From my diagnostic score to my official LSAT score I went up 19 points thanks to Randall and Amanda. They don't have magic powers that will instantly give you the score you want, but they will give you all the guidance you need to get your dream score. This couple gives every single student individual attention and truly invests their time into making sure that you will be successful. With that being said, you get what you put in. They have devoted their lives into helping students get into law school and will match your work ethic. Make sure to attend every class, office hour, and study group because I know for a fact there is not any other prep course that cares about the success and future of the students in their program as much as them. They will go through the material until they're absolutely sure that you've mastered it. I recommend this course to anyone interested in not only a high LSAT score, but the chance to learn the ins and out of this test. If law school is truly your dream then the first step you should take to getting closer to that goal is signing up at Test PrepGuy because they will help make that dream turn into reality.

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Daniel Rodriguez
Best LSAT prep class there is  

My score increased by 10 points in this class. It is the best LSAT prep class there is. I would recommend it to anybody! Because of the class, I was able to get a full-ride scholarship to Baylor Law! Randall is one of the best teachers I have ever had!

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Lisa Cope
Don't even think twice  

Randall is an incredible Law School Test Prep expert. We can not say enough great things about him and his staff. My son (UT student) actually had heard about the Test Prep Guy - an incredible law test prep service in Austin - which REALLY prepared these students to achieve high scores. We made an appt while we were in town and Randall graciously offered to not only meet with my son, but arranged a complimentary LSAT practice. Unfortunately my son was needing to take an LSAT prep course during a break period - which their office was closed. The thing that amazed us the most was that even though we were unable to utilize his company, Randall still advised my son, in how to prepare and study, and gave continuous advice, and always was there for him when he had questions. Randall is truly a great, caring, advisor and mentor, and highly specialized in his field. We so appreciate all the help he gave our son, and because of Randall - our son not only excelled on the LSAT, but received many offers from prestigious law schools. We would highly recommend any student considering LSAT prep to sign up with him and get a spot, while spaces available. Don't even think twice.

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Jose Calderon
I then studied with Randall and my score soared  

I took Kaplan and then took the LSAT and due to both me and Kaplan's fault I did not do well at all. I then studied with Randall and my score soared and that turned into a lot of scholarship offers and money. If you live in Austin, take advantage that his services are offered in your vicinity.

Leslie E.
There is truly no one better  

If you are able to use TPG, I highly recommend using him as soon as possible. He is a miracle worker when it comes to the LSAT. He has such a thorough understanding of the test and truly helps you understand your misconceptions when it comes to attacking questions. While you have to be willing to put in the work and have determination on your end, Randall's strategies and program will get you where you need to me. I saw a 20+ increase in my score from his program and now I will be attending a T14 law school on an amazing scholarship.



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