LSAT Preparation Program

We have the highest recorded score improvement average in the world.
Average score increase:
13-14 points.

What do we do to deliver the best LSAT preparation on the planet?

The Best On The Planet

From the day our students begin LSAT preparations to the day they begin law school, each student has our expert guidence every step of the way.

Live Instruction

98+ Hours Total

14 Class Lectures
10 Practice Test Reviews
12 Workshops

Proctored Practice Tests

25+ Hours Total

10 Proctored practice tests using the most recently administered LSAT exams

Speed Drills

30+ Hours per week during final six weeks of program

Speed drills to improve timing efficiency and decision-making

Supplemental Exercises

(final six weeks before test day)

Exercises to target specific, high-level concepts and nuances of the LSAT

Office Hours

50+ Hours per week

Virtually unlimited one-on-one tutoring
Full-time LSAT specialists

100% Online

Law School Admissions Consulting

Free service to all current and former students

LSAT Prep Program Schedule

We do not publish a schedule with information about actual class lecture dates. The class lectures constitute only a fraction of what we do, so a simple schedule with only class dates would not properly represent the level of commitment required by our program.

Please contact us for information about future program schedules