How to Enroll


Contact us to set up an initial consultation.

We require our students to meet with with us for a one hour free consultation prior to enrolling in the program. During the consultation, we will discuss the law school application process, the LSAT, and the study process for the LSAT. We will also assess your goals and needs.

Because of the tremendous time commitment required by this program, we discuss how this program fits into your life and your schedule. At that time, you will be equipped with the information you need to make a decision about the best time to enroll in our program.


Pick a class schedule & reserve your seat in the program.

After the consultation, you will have the chance to decide whether our program fits into your life schedule. At this time, you may pick a class lecture schedule and reserve a spot in our program (dependent on availability).


Schedule a diagnostic test with us.


Confirm your seat via phone or email, then show up to the first day of class!

There is no deposit required, but we will contact you approximately 2-3 weeks before your program start date to confirm your reservation. We prefer to begin our relationship with you on a trust-basis rather than a financial one, so your word is all we need to save your seat.

Enrollment Limit

We hire only the most highly qualified LSAT tutors, which limits both our staff size and our enrollment capacity. We choose to limit our enrollment to make certain that our tutors can get to know each student on a very personal basis, and this allows us to deliver the best LSAT training on the planet. Unfortunately, our strict quality control measures mean that we are sometimes unable to take every student that comes to our door.

Enrollment is on a on a first-come first-served basis, and our program usually fills up in advance. Once we reach capacity, additional students can be placed on the wait list in the event that a seat opens up. The good news is that we are usually able to take a handful of students from the wait list, so if you are on the wait, that does not mean that you will not get into our program. Many of the students who have reserved spots far in advance end up bailing out for various reasons. In fact, the farther ahead they sign up, the more likely they are to find that life plans have changed, allowing a spot on our roster to open up. So, please have patience as we manage the process of reserving and confirming spots.

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At Test Prep Guy, we provide a level of personal attention to our students that is unmatched by any other company or tutor at any price. Our program includes virtually unlimited one-on-one tutoring as well as admissions consulting at no extra charge. From the day our students begin LSAT preparation to the day they begin law school, each student has our expert guidance every step of the way.




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